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Must sees in Rome

12 facts about the Sistine Chapel in Rome

Probably one of the most known places on the whole planet, the Sistine chapel in Rome is something you cannot absolutely miss when you visit the Eternal city. Yes, it is a place really ON the beaten track, but there is a reason for that. 🙂 The Sistine chapel can be...

Christmas 2020 light shows in Piazza Navona, Rome Under normal circumstances Piazza Navona is usually background to one of the most traditional Christmas markets of Rome: the whole square fills up with wonderful little stands selling the most unique pieces for your nativity scene and that...

Why is the Colosseum “broken”?

Why is the Colosseum broken and partly detroyed? A question you always ask me during the Live Virtual Tours is: why is the Colosseum “broken”? In fact, what we see today, is only one third of the original Colosseum. The rest has gone lost...

Seating in the Colosseum: tickets and rules

What were the rules for seating in the Colosseum? Hello Rome lovers! In this article we will discover what were the seating rules of the Colosseum. Previously we discovered what was the Colosseum used for and why we call it...