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Hidden gems of Rome

The House of Monsters and the Bibliotheca Hertziana

A real hidden gem of Rome, nearby Spanish steps Everybody knows the Spanish Steps in Rome. But how many people know this hidden gem you can find on top of it? All you need to do is climb up the Spanish steps and take via Gregoriana on your right. As you walk down...

3 highlights of the Colonna Palace in Rome

Colonna Palace: a hidden gem in the heart of Rome We are in the Colonna Palace in Rome, a palace belonging to the Colonna family since the Middle Ages and still inhabited by them today! Who are the...

Ancient with a modern twist: the Eur district of Rome! What is the business district of Rome? Is there anywhere in the Eternal city where buildings are actually modern??The answer is simple: EUR! The Eur district of Rome was developed in the 1930s to host the World Fair of 1942, which never...

7+1 underground hidden gems in Rome

Discover the hidden underground city of Rome One of the hidden gems underground Rome: the Stadium of Domitian You already fell in love with Rome and things are getting serious. So it's time to make that next step and get to know the most secret places of the city. The...